Heart on Fire

by The Katie Mitchell Band

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released March 26, 2018

Katie Mitchell – acoustic guitars, ukulele, vocals, tambourine (track 6)
John Botten – electric guitars, acoustic guitars (track 3), bass guitars (tracks 1 and 6)
John Condon – drums, background vocals
Jesse Breton Katz – bass guitars (tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10)
Joseph Palmieri – bass guitars (tracks 2, 7, 9, 11, and 12)
Mark Mancini – piano, organ, keyboards (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 12)
Peter Kuperschmid – organ (track 4), slide guitar (track 10)
Nydia “Liberty” Mata – percussion (tracks 1, 2, 5, and 7)
Bob D'Alessandro – slide guitar (track 4)

All songs written by Katie Mitchell
Engineered by Peter Kuperschmid
Mixed and Mastered at Ocean Analog Studios
Produced by Katie Mitchell, Peter Kuperschmid, and John Botten


all rights reserved



The Katie Mitchell Band Long Beach, New York

Katie and the boys hail from Long Beach, New York, where they met and started playing music together in 2013. Primary bandmates, John Botten (guitars, bass) and John Condon (drums, vocals) provide the backbone for Katie's songs. The music is heavily influenced by country and folk, with an equal mix of rock and pop. ... more

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Track Name: Dig the Rain
I keep you at bay, I do it for you,
I’m not what you think, and I’m not that okay,
Just like lightning striking I light up the sky,
But you prefer the thunder to my random fire.

But I think I dig the rain…just a little
The sting, the pinch, the pain… the only way to hold me
When you learn to live with a heart on fire, you find suddenly…
You like the feel of burning

I get fatter and older, you get sadder and bolder,
I’ve got dirt on my hands, and you’ve got blood on your knees.
You’re just wild enough, to get me to talking,
When I always used to hang my head not watching where I’m walking.

Don’t you think I deserve something good just this once?
Do you think we could put those shouldn’t’s on the shelf?
Track Name: Queens Boulevard Love Song
Swaggering and stupid, I can see ya coming, from miles away,
into this bar
Where making fools of ourselves seems to be the plan of the hour

It’s like there’s something in the air,
but we’re not kids and these are not the kind of streets you play in
After all, we’re both thinking,
that there’s more than one way to kill an evening

Flatter me and fool me, you followed me down the boulevard,
into this room
Where flirting with our eyes closed seems to be the plan of the hour

Oh I tried to tell you, maybe…
We’ve been dancing with disaster lately…
Busy figuring each other out…
Track Name: I Fall Apart
I can’t breathe when you’re near, you take it all
You crept back into my spine, you’re much too close
I think that we would be fine,
if I kissed you when you least expect it…
La da dada da da

I hear you breathing from here, you’ve got to go
I feel the blood leave my face, I’m stuttering
I can’t think while you’re here,
You make this room unbearably small…
La da dada da da

I fall to all the pieces,
When you’re talking in that tone,
Whenever we’re alone I fall apart…

You tie me down to one place, don’t keep me here,
You keep me strapped to your side, I’m struggling
You break down all these walls,
And worst of all, you take my breath away…
La da dada da da

I won’t stand here till my face turns purple,
I still remember how to stand on my own two feet,
It’s only that I know you love to watch me smile…
Track Name: Grounded
I’m the girl who believes in monsters, buried deep inside your head
Or the tragically forged fairytale, ending with some white night in my bed
Ending with some white night in my head

Baby, try to keep me grounded, so I can wrap my hope around it…
Something solid to keep beneath my feet…so I don’t slip away…

I’m the girl who believes in day dreams, and the sweet things I make believe you said
But these notions you’ve got me drowning in, I keep replaying you in my head,
Oh, I keep replaying you in my bed

So many years seeking windmills, digging for pots of gold,
So many years spent believing such pretty stories…
And now I’m getting old…that’s the ending that we’re never told
Track Name: Ain't it Crazy
You were my just in case,
My holy grail, and my happily ever after.
You were my no nonsense,
My saving grace, and my deeply, madly, truly.

Oo, I wanted you to be the one for me, ain’t it crazy…
What time does to us all?
Please, baby, before the world falls down…
Tell me…

You brought the best out of me,
Pulled me off the ground, called me things like I had dreamed of.
You fought my demons before I did,
You brought the wise, I brought the good, so we were even…
Track Name: After You
Stalking men of my past, just to say I’ve done better
Just to say that I’ve won, I won and I’m better than you
I make more money than you do, and I lost more weight too
Oh I’m dating again, yeah, and I forgot about you

Ooo, after you, I shine my best without you
There’s been nobody as good or bad, after you

I picked up all your bad habits, I like you’re favorite bands too
I act like this is the real me, and I didn’t get it from you
I still tell jokes that you told me, I tell them better than you
And I take all the credit, yeah, and I don’t think about you

So I burned up our pictures... I keep them on the computer
I keep the memories you gave me, especially when there’s drinking to do
So I lurk in the corners, of your slice of the internet
I note your comings and goings, just to make sure I can keep up
Track Name: I Know Better
There are words pouring out of my mouth
Things I don’t mean to say
And in making my way, I let loose…

I’ve got thoughts spilling out of my brain
Onto pillows and bar stools
My pain on display for the world

So take it, or leave it…
Oh I’m calling the shots from here
I know what you meant,
But I’m not gonna cave like you think
I should know better,
Than to trust anyone but myself…I know better…

I’m a victim of sweet circumstance,
Or my own messy mind
I’m entranced by your need to control…
But I’m not letting go…

Rock stars never cry, they just turn their pain to art,
And watch it fly…fly…fly away…
Track Name: Pursuit of You
Whatever you say, I’m in love with
Whatever I do, I keep falling apart
And though we’ve the best of intentions...
We’re kidding ourselves...ha.

Everything that I do is a clue
To a piece of the puzzle I am
And once I’ve been all patched together
You’ll know how I am

And my skin is my only means of protection
Every scar makes it grow that much thicker
Whatever you say and whatever you do
There are parts of me I won’t surrender

Oh I won’t lose myself in pursuit of you…

Whatever you do, I interpret
And whatever you mean, I am sure that I’m wrong
Since you’re both sides of the coin,
you’re hard to pin down
Track Name: Too Much
Wake up, oh our ship’s sinking fast
Wake up, or we’re not gonna last
Promise, that you won’t let me down
Promise, that I’m not gonna drown…

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no
I am losing control
I am fighting for my life
and though the odds are stacked against me
I feel too much, too much, too much, too much,
We are losing ourselves
I am breaking down beneath you,
And the weight of all your love

Heavy, things are bringing me down,
Certain I’m the only one
This water’s shallow, and we’re running aground
Save me, save me from myself

Battling these demons, I left too much room for thinking,
Oh no no no, oh no no no
Too much room to think and I am bound to over drink it
And I’m prone to over thinking anything…
Oh no no no…
Track Name: I Can Be
Expertly, desperately heart on my sleeve,
I head straight towards disasters like you.
Tragically broken me, begging for lies,
Baby make me what you want to see.

I’m putting on the other me tonight, baby.
Putting on the better me tonight, baby.
Who’s the girl that suits you…?
I can be, baby, I can be, I can be yours… ohhh

Typically stupid me, I brought this on,
I’ve got no one to blame but myself
Bend me, don’t break me, I’ve got this planned out
Just play dumb if you don’t want to know…

Expertly, tragically, I’ll only be what you want me to be…
Baby, I can be, baby, I can be, baby, I can be so much better…
Who suits you? Who wants you? Who breathes you, baby?
Baby, I can be, baby, I can be, baby, I can be so much better…
Track Name: What if...
Let me hide, let me hide no small part of myself
Let me hide behind the shelter we made
If I hide, I can tell myself this never would work
If I hide, then I never can fail

What if we try, and it just doesn’t take
Oh what if try, and you just learn to hate me
Or can’t take me the way that I am…
What if we try…

Let me run, let me fight you for every last inch
Let me fight over our common ground
If I keep you away so that I never need you
You’ll never love not enough and leave me
Track Name: Forget Everything Else
Oh we kissed on the corner of Yellowstone and 69th
I knew we were done, but I didn’t think anything else that day
About it all…

Oh you turned and you left, and I knew I’d offended you
I meant nothing by it, I could barely look out for myself
Forget everything else…

Oh you say you’re so jaded, but you do it all just your own way,
They say that’s the way it goes, but who gives a damn what they say…

Just keep singing oooo na na na na na
Just keep singing oooo na na na na na
If you can find love, you can find anything…
Forget everything else

Oh the years have a way of just sneaking on by
While you look just the same as you did that day
Time leaves its marks, on everyone’s heart

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